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anon asked if i could make a tutorial for the gifs in this post so i’ll do a tutorial on this gif from a set i’m making now bc i used the same method:


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How to get Adobe Illustrator CS6 Free:
[Disclaimer: This tutorial will only work for Windows]

Things you’ll need:
An Adobe account // you can also use an account I created
username: | password: adobehelp 
or you can sing up here *PLEASE DO NOT CHANGE THE PASSWORD NOR EMAIL OF THIS ACCOUNT, (or i will personally hunt you down) THANK YOU ^^;
• Adobe Illustrator CS6 set-up file
[you can download it from the official site here and log-in using the email and password provided above or with your own account]
• Amtlib.dll
Box: ZIP | RAR

**NOTE: I can only provide the set-up for Illustator, take into account that it might NOT work for everyone. Which is why I’m providing you with the adobe account.  

Things to remember during the set-up: 
• It will ask you for your account info about 3 times during the entire installation process.
•  You must install as a trial, because I WON’T be providing you with a serial number.

I will now try to walk you through the installation process (please observe as i fail).

How to Install Illustrator: 
(if you know how to install it, feel free to skip these steps. just make sure is installed as a trial.)
*Click on the links for visuals.
• Go to the Adobe Official site (if the set-up file I provided didn’t work) and click on download.
• Once the file has finished downloading, the Adobe Download Assistant will open, enter your email and password (or use the one provided above).
- If you can’t find Illustrator, look at the All Products column in the Show Me section select Desing and click on download Illustrator. -
• The downloading takes approximately 2 hours.
• Click on the Set-Up file, a box will pop-up (it usually takes about 2-3 minutes to finish)
• Click on “Try: I want to try Adobe Illustrator CS6 for a limited time”.
• Accept the Adobe Software License Agreement
Sing in.
• You’ll have the options to choose what to install (you can install both or just one depending of your operating system: computer> right click > properties > system type)
•  Finish the installation, this will take another 30-35 minutes.

Now that you have Photoshop installed, lets get to the amtlib.dll

• Go to your “Computer” located in your Start Menu.
• In your “Hard Disk Drives”, click on Local Disk (C:).
• Locate your “Program Files” folder and click on the one corresponding to your system . 
- For some of you there might be two folders, I clicked on Program Files. But again this depends on the system your computer is operating. If you choose to install both versions of Illustrator you can add the amtlib.dll to both folders: Program Files and Program Files (x86) -
*NOTE: My computer is operating on 64 bit.
• Locate the “Adobe” folder, open it.
• Locate the Adobe Illustrator CS6 (64 bit) or Adobe Illustrator CS6 and open it.
• Click on Support Files.
• Click on Contents
• And finally Windows.
• Locate the amtlib.dll file.
*NOTE: You can either rename your amtlib.dll to amtlib1.dll or replace the files. I would personally recommend you to rename it, that way if you decide you want to buy Illustrator you can just erase the amtlib.dll and rename the amtlib1.dll back to its original name.
• If you decided to rename your amtlib.dll you should have two .dll files, it should look like this. (your folder should contain both the amtlib.dll and the amtlib1.dll)

For some reason when I opened Illustrator the loading logo says “Tryout”. If when Illustrator finishes loading it asks you for a serial number or to continue as a trial, the tutorial didn’t work. Sadly. ;__;

Ways of knowing if the tutorial worked/didn’t worked:
Open Illustrator and click on the Help menu.
When it doesn’t work your Help menu would look like this and when it does work it would look like this. As you can see when it works you can click on the Product Registration option ^^.


[Here is a F.A.Q post, because on my last tutorial I got a lot of repetitive questions and it should be helpful for both you and me. Please make sure to read it, your question might already have an answer. Also be sure to check my q.a tag, you might also find your answer there. ^^;]

That is all, have fun and enjoy :D 


How to get Adobe Photoshop CS6 Free (MAC)

[NOTE: I can’t provide you with any screen-caps since I don’t really own a MAC /sobs]

For some reason, my previous tutorial was taken down (without a notice, maybe someone reported it(?).Hopefully this time around it isn’t taken down. I’ll keep this as short as possible. 

Things you’ll need:
•Photoshop CS6 Trial
[you can download it from the official site here]
•Amtlib.framework file
[NOTE 2: if the box links are down please use the DA link]


••Photoshop Installment••

•Download CS6 from the official site as mentioned above.
•An Adobe Download Assistant window will pop up
•Enter your Adobe ID and sing in
you can use mine but please don’t change the password
[email: password:adobehelp]
•Select where you want to save CS6, i.e downloads.
•Run it, a window will pop > click on Adobe Photoshop CS6
•A window should open up asking you to Install or Try 
[NOTE 3: It might work if you do keep your internet turned on, but it will ask you to sing in]
• Accept terms of agreement > Install > Close
•Photoshop once
[a window will appear telling you how many days of trial you have left]
•Quit Photoshop


•Adobe Photoshop CS6 folder
•Right click > Show Package Contents
•Search for the amtlib.framework
•You can save the original content in a folder as a back-up… just in case// or erase them
•Drag the files located in the file you downloaded to the amtlib.framework
(there should be three items: an amtlib file, a resources folder, and a versions folder)

•You can erase the amtlib.framework folder itself
•Drag the file you downloaded as a whole 

•Drag the file you downloaded and replace it


[Here is a F.A.Q | and the q.a tag post, it should be helpful for both you and me. Please make sure to read it, your question might already have an answer…]

That is all, have fun and enjoy :D 

A simple guide to Destiel fanfiction including the basics of fanfiction plus recommended fics, recommended writers, fic rec masterposts, destiel fanfiction blogs, etc, etc…

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Some of my favorite fonts!

Carton | Nevis | Muchacho | Mission Script | Rex | Kreon | Langdon | Silverfake | Origami | Feathergraphy

Dean/Cas fic rec masterpost


updated 19 june 2013

☼ = Fluffy and/or feel good
☂ = Angst
 = Canon compliant (or at least at the time of writing)
 = AU
☆ = Great sex scenes
 = Personal favourite (meaning I have reread more times than I can count)
♦ = Technically gen/preslash but heavily focused on the Dean/Cas relationship
! = Unfinished WIP that’s worth it all the same
 = Recently added/updated

(ctrl+f or command+f to search)

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✗ Blog Rec #6  supernaturalbepositive

This blog is one of the sweetest on this website. I HIGHLY suggest you go and follow it. The purpose of this blog is to share your love of other bloggers and the spn fandom. Whenever I look at this blog, I can’t help but smile at all the submissions and asks about bloggers. It really is a cheerful atmosphere. :D

While your at it, go ahead and follow the members of this fine blog:

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✗ Blog Rec #5 → bentobride

Ugh, this blog makes perfection look easy. Seriously though, if you’re not following this blog already, I pity you. This blog has STUNNING graphics. I can’t even express how perfect they are with words. They are truly, without a doubt, stunning. Also, the owner of this very fine blog is extremely friendly, funny, and adorable. I giggle when I see something from her on my dash. Her fandoms are mainly Supernatural and Hannibal (but shhhhh, it doesn’t even matter that it’s not a spnonly blog because we’re all bound to join the Hannibal fandom eventually) and her OTP is Destiel (I think…) So basically, go follow this blog or else *pulls out random knife*  hehe

✗ Blog Rec #4 → whispersinpurgatory

I knew as soon as I saw this url that this blog would be fantastic. :) This blog posts very very beautiful graphics. Like no joke man, I was getting emotional from all the prettiness. They occasionally post other things aside from Supernatural, like the Hunger Games and Doctor Who, but don’t let that stop you from following. Overall, this blog is really beautiful and deserves more followers. :)

✗ Blog Rec #3 → deanwinchesterprays

Okay, so if love a quality blog mixed with stunning gifs an beautiful fanfiction, this is a perfect blog for you. In all truth, it’s most likely that you’ve read something that its dear owner has posted already. She regularly posts angst but occasionally will make you smile with a dash of fluff (but don’t be fooled, she’s most likely going to make you cry with her angst.) She also has a destiel pandora station!!! So, if you’re reading this, go ahead and click the link at the top of this description and click the little follow button at the top of her page. Especially if you like Destiel. ;) A+ blog.